Grand Translink provide the combination of Sea-Air freight service & Sea-Railway service for some Special needs, Some Clients needs to transport cargo from MainlandChinaor Hong Kong by sea to a trans-shipment center such as Dubai, Vancouver or Los Angeles etc, and then transfer it to final destination by air. It’s offered a competitive advantage on cost saving and shorter transit time in between air model and sea model transport services. Under our closed supervision and professional logistics management, shipments are guarantee a fast and reliable delivery on planned schedule.

The Sea-Air services to Europe takes around 14/15days shipping time by vessel sailing from Shenzhen to Dubai and then by aircraft arriving the country of destination. Our service operate weekly. Cargoes are first transported to Dubai by sea and then, at the trans-shipment center of Dubai, Cargo are forwarded to the major airports of Europe by sea.

We also provide the Sea-Railway(Railway-Sea) service for clients and arrange the shipments from door to door.

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